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We are a fully registered education and prevention initiative committed to fighting drugs and substance abuse among youths.

Since inception, our goal is to combat the use and experiment of drugs among young people by raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse. We do this through community outreach, advocacy training and providing young people with preventive measures or skills that empower them to be economically self-sustaining or start productive income generating activities.

Founder and Team Leader

Ann Ssebunya a well-rounded Radio Personality is the voice that always cracks morning airwaves on 89.2 CBS FM EMANDUSO. She has enchanted listeners with such enthusiasm that has always categorized all her radio shows as “Top Drawer”.For over 10 years, Ann’s passion coupled with determination and hard work has been the propelling traits that can describe the unique presentation style that has seen her become a darling to the masses.She became passionate about fighting drugs and substance abuse among young people during her mentorship visits to schools that arose from her radio program “Students Parade”.Here Ann realized that drugs and substance abuse was a hidden issue that needed to be addressed after a number of young people confessed to being influenced into experimenting and taking drugs. The enormous need to address the false myths and misperceptions existing among young people also compelled Ann to start programs and activities spreading awareness, education and prevention on drugs and substance abuse and thus the genesis of DRUGS HAPANA INITIATIVE UGANDA.

-Ann Ssebunya

Whereas family involvement is very limited for a lot of drugs and substances abuse, Drugs Hapana is fully involved to make the recovery process easier for the victims.

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